the world's #1 premium water filter is owned, operated and managed by Central Zone Sdn Bhd (a company incorporated in Malaysia since 1991), a water filter specialist in Malaysia.
Prior to its incorporation, the partners of the Company had been dealing with a wide range of health care products with the specific purpose of making a significant contribution to human health and the quality of life.

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In recognition of the emerging concerns about drinking water pollution, a decision was made to concentrate all efforts in the field of water filtration.

Since its incorporation, Central Zone Sdn Bhd had devoted its core business into supplying a wide range of domestic and industrial water filter through its wide network of dealers.

After conducting extensive research on the water filtration and purification devices that are available in the market, we finally chose our respectable manufacturers that had the experience ranging up to 150 years of manufacturing standards that had produced the finest quality filters and filter cartridges in the world. As of to date, we are still distributing their products.

In order to stay competitive in the global market, we had since 1998, diversified into assemblying/manufacturing of water filter systems (plastic and stainless steel) and we are working hard hand-in-hand with some of our manufacturers to develop the market.

We are working hard to strive to be the BEST in the business and together we grow with a group of competent dealers and distributors to provide customer satisfaction, customers sharing how good they feel about the product with others and the affordability of every prospective customer to own any of our range of products for their health and quality of life.

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